Vision and Mission

The corporate mission is to set the benchmark for “cultured” industrial diamond. Centaurus Technologies will compete in the worldwide industrial diamond industry, offering diamond material and fabrication technologies to a larger market demand than is currently being met.

Centaurus Technologies will enable the scaling of industrial diamond material market supply. Centaurus Technologies provides an affordable alternative to expensive natural diamonds by delivering a product that is chemically, atomically and structurally identical to a diamond created by nature. This alternative is diamonds indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.

After extensive research and development, Centaurus Technologies has developed this proprietary technology, which crystallizes carbon into diamond under a combination of extreme pressures and heat and will allow the Company to manufacture industrial diamonds that can be sold to consumers at a fraction of the cost of a natural diamond.

Centaurus Technologies’ market strategy targets initially diamond wholesalers as its primary customer bases, especially those who manufacture the “rough” crystals into polished brilliant cut gem-quality diamonds. Although Centaurus Technologies’ primary customers are wholesalers, a high-quality “branded” product sold to the end consumer will distinguish the reputation of Centaurus Technologies from its competitors.

In 2007, 400,000 carats were produced in the US for gem use, compared with 130 million carats mined annually around the world. But manmade diamonds are gaining legitimacy. The Gemological Institute of America’s new ratings will work just like those for natural diamonds, grading them according to color, clarity and cut.

The man made diamond gemstone industry is still very much in its infancy, with only a handful of companies producing them and turning out relatively small numbers of stones. But unlike cubic zirconia, which is a chemically different substance, laboratory gems are considered real diamonds.

Not only will Centaurus Technologies enjoy the fruits of the gem market, but the Company will be able to penetrate the semiconductor, electronic, computer and industrial arena with components made of diamonds. Diamonds doped with specific impurities can be a semi- conductor or insulator; besides being able to thermally conduct heat 14 times better than copper.