Product Development Team




Chief Science OfficerAlvin A, Snaper, P.E.

The Chief Science Officer will manage Centaurus Technologies development and refinement of proprietary production technologies. Additional responsibilities include; the supervision of all scientific activities, fabrication and installation of facilities and equipment, hiring of technical personnel and the implementation of ongoing research and product development.


The Scientists will assist the Senior Scientist in the development and refinement of Centaurus Technologies proprietary production technologies. Additional Scientists are slated to come online as full scale production is achieved and the management of multiple production machines is required.


Our Engineers assist the Senior Engineer in managing the design, development, implementation and analysis of the Company’s technical systems.

Magnatech R&D

Thomas Barber


Tom attended Roger Williams College with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. TAB Enterprises, Inc machine Shop where he designed and built a wide variety of machinery for the Wire and Cable, Textile, Plastics, Toy, Candy, and Jewelry Industries. additional manufacturing and distribution areas including Welding and Coating Technologies. Formed the largest Coating and Welding Institute in the world, the Paton Welding Institute. Also, formed companies to produce Pressure Die Castings, Metal Spinnings, Strip Lighting, and Waste Water Heat Exchangers. Tom is blessed to have worked with numerous talented Engineers, Designers, Machinists, Welders and additional Craftsmen over the years, including The Company’s Chief Science Officer, Alvin Snaper.