Open Letter to CTDT Investors, which have registered at the Corporate Website

Dear Investors,


Thank you to the thirty-one Investors who have signed up on our website. Our signup process is intentionally non-automated  in order to verify records and allow more time to get more shareholders registered. We will announce our launch and provide credentials when it is ready.

To clarify our intentions and what to expect, the backend will not provide any information or plans not available to the public. It will offer a centralized source for reports and news published over various domains that are available to the public. Additionally, we will share media from our founder, Alvin Snaper, and CEO/President, Chas Radovich. Through this channel we will address common questions our engaged shareholders have and reduce the need to contact executive management as often.

Once we make our operational plans public our IR team will be able to provide more details and insight. You may contact the manager of IR, Chris Cass, at


Stephen Saunders

Corporate Secretary

Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc.