Chairman and Chief Science Officer

Alvin A. Snaper, P.E.

Alvin A. Snaper, P.E.
FOUNDER and Former Chairman and Chief Science Officer


Until he passed away on November 6th, 2019, Mr. Snaper served as Chairman and Chief Scientist of Centaurus Technologies , overseeing all technical aspects related to ”cultured” diamond production. In addition to holding patents and modifying existing technologies for laboratory-grown diamonds, and diamond material-based fabrication for the Electronics, Semi-Conductor, Film and Coating Industries, Mr. Snaper is the developer of the Company’s proprietary technologies for the production of “cultured” diamond.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Snaper founded numerous companies and held management and engineering positions at; Neo-Dyne Research Inc., where he served as founder and developed and perfected products bases on his patents; at Advanced Patent Technology Inc. where he served as Vice President – Director Research – Corporate Director; at an Independent Consulting Firm where he served as founder and became the first multi-technology Registered Engineer licensed in California; at McGraw Colorgraph where he was responsible for overseeing all foreign and domestic testing of photographic systems; and at Bakelite Division of Union Carbide where he assisted in the development of a pilot plan for plastics manufacture.
Mr. Alvin Snaper served as a Senior Consultant to other major corporations and organizations, including IBM, General Foods, NASA, Boeing, Gillette, Singer, U.S. Air Force, Rocketdyne, General Motors, Lockheed Aircraft, Sanyo, Philips, Gulf Western, Union Carbide, etc. He has been awarded more than 600 patents, many for significant industrial products and processes. Some of his inventions and commercial products include the IBM Selectric Type Ball, Tang, the NASA Apollo Photo- Pack, Coating Process for Gillette Razor Blades, and the Electrostatic Painting Process & System for Auto Components Assemblies for General Motors, to name a few. Mr. Alvin Snaper holds the single honor and individual distinction of being recognized with ‘Best Patent of the Year’ award by Design News magazine, and is the author of numerous technical and scientific papers.
Alvin Snaper was a member the following professional societies and organizations: Who’s Who of American Inventors 1990-1991; VIP Electronic Improvement Program; and the American Ordinance Association. He is a former consultant in Ultrasonics to the Library of Congress, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, International Scientific Society and The Society of Photographic Instrumental Engineers.
Mr. Snaper was a Professional Engineer (“P.E.”) and a B.S. graduate in Geo-Science at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He was also a member of several professional societies, author of numerous articles and technical papers, and the only multiple award recipient of Design News Magazine “Best Patent” award (four total).
He will be greatly missed by The Company. The Board and Management at Centaurus Diamond Technologies will strive to carry on his great legacy.


For an interesting look at the list of Patents granted to this amazing Man, check out this link from the JUSTIA Patent Website.